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Become a Certified Ghost Hunter (CGH)!

Interested in learning about spirits and how to communicate with them?
Have an interest in ghost research and investigating haunted locations?
email: or call 973-209-7070  for next class date.

Ghost Hunter Certification Course
Next Date will be posted in the future
Course Study:
  • Ghost Research
  • Types of Hauntings and Ghostly Phenomena
  • Conducting Investigations (indoor and outdoor)-Rules, Methods, Researching History, Contacting Homeowners, Obtaining Permission to Investigate Public Locations, Interviewing Witnesses
  • Ghost Hunting Equipment and Devices-Operation and Documenting Results
  • Paranormal Photography
  • Spirit Communication - Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs)
  • Evidence Analysis
  • Understanding Orbs, Ectoplasm and Vortices
  • Removal of Negative Spirits
  • Working with Psychics, Mediums, Sensitives, Intuitives
  • The Scientific Approach VS The Spiritual Approach to Investigating

*Training provided by ECRIPT (East Coast Research and Investigation Paranormal Team).

*A certificate will be received upon course completion

*ECRIPT'S 5th Annual Fall Public Cemetery Ghost Hunt included free of charge for those who complete the Ghost Hunter Certification Course.*

Paranormal Certification Course

Next Date will be posted in the future

Learn about the strange, bizarre, mysterious and unexplainable. Topics include UFO's, Crop Circles, Bigfoot, The Jersey Devil, Chupacabras, UFOlogy, Cryptozoology and much more.

  • Specific details provided on recent incidents documented in Sussex County, and the NY, NJ, PA area.
  • Certificate will be given upon completion of class.
  • Class presented by Certified Paranormal Investigators.
  • Special discounted pricing available to those who have taken the ECRIPT Ghost Hunter certification.