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"A Real Witch"
Incredibly clear evp when question asked
about an ancestor of one of the team.
Trinity Metaphysical Center,
Hamburg, NJ
"Come see I show you"
Right after the monkey faces disappeared
from the mirror on the 2nd floor and I asked,
where did they go. Ecript team
Private Historical Home, Bainbridge, PA
"Childs voice"
Jacqui Says "We Found You"
Then you hear the little girl respond.
Ecript team

Private Historical Home, Bainbridge, PA

"Baqckground voice" (secs in)

Investigation in private residence, NJ

"I don't like ****" ( 9 seconds in)
Jacqui, Charlie and Ron in a resturarant
asking, "Do you like chicken?"
"Slu** Taking a Sh**"
In the bathroom of private apartment,
Mark asks "Are you a different spirit
than in the bedroom". - Ecript team

"Loud female voice"

Jacqui and then Vera ask about any
bodies buried here.

Franklin, NJ

Distinctive "HEY" or "YEAH" sounds
"HEY" or "YEAH" at 06 secs, at 15 secs, at 36 secs, at 41 secs, at 54 secs. A "NO" to the question if there are any spirit entities at 1.22. Final "HEY" at 1.26. Edited

Historical residence, Craigsmoor, NY

Are you here with me? "High pitched
sound and whispery voice"
Jacqui alone at TMC felt presence
and turned on recorder

Trinity Metaphysical Center, NJ

Can you tell me your name? "James"
Jacqui asks name in portal room.

Trinity Metaphysical Center, NJ

"Help me"
Jacqui asks "Did you upset the table?."

Bar below private residence, Shohola, PA

"In darkness"
During ghost hunting class voice is heard in the background. Edited-slowed down.

Trinity Metaphysical Center, NJ

Comparison of some Original EVPs
with edited versions

Masons Lodge
Video - Bible
Video-Orb Moving up Wall