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Private Residence  |  Sparta, NJ


6.20.2015 & 1.29.2016

The Sparta, NJ house was originally built in the 1800’s but recently renovated. The owners were renting and had just moved in and immediately noticed activity. There have been reports of footsteps on the stairs inside the house, objects being moved. The 5 year old daughter was afraid to sleep in her bedroom and was interacting with a malevolant male presence. The family decided they had to move for their own peace of mind.  They were not bringing the dollhouses with them as a man's voice inside the dollhouse was talking to their little girl. There were 2 investigations approximately 6 months apart.

The Dollhouse that housed the spirit. Click on phto to see video of the event.

The team started with the white light protection prayer of St Michael then set up equipment on the third floor bedroom area and also the attic, the main floor kitchen and living room and the basement level bedroom and living area. There was significant K2 activity in the basement but investigators were unable to really communicate as we often do using yes/no questions. Working their way upstairs the K2 activity continued but static electricity was felt as well. These waves of static electricity and significant K2 interactions continued in the second floor bedrooms and attic. This was a very active investigation for this group. Other team members felt that though they felt the presence of something, they were reluctant to communicate with them. The presence of a child, a female and a male was also felt. The team uses an array of recorders, k2 meters, infrared cameras as well as paying attention to what they feel. Jacqui is a gifted psychic medium. The rest of the team has varying degrees of psychic and sensitivity. Everyone reported a lot of K2 action in each of the areas. The general impression was that spirits did not wish to communicate as much as have us just feel their presence. A negative energy was felt in the attic. After we finished, prayers and saging were done.