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EarthGate  |  Dingman's Ferry, PA






Earthgate is a unique property with many people reporting a lot of energy, lights, and various other occurrences. There have been reports of heavy footsteps on the stairs inside the house as well as angelic singing in the middle of the night when there were only 2 men in the house, one asleep in the bottom level, the other asleep on the third floor.

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The three teams consisting of - Jacqui, Charlie and Mark; Vera, Dave and Paul; Dana, Virgil and Ruth, started with the white light protection prayer of St Michael then set up equipment on the third floor bedroom area, the main floor kitchen and living room and the bottom level bedroom and living area. Dana, Virgil and Ruth first went to the back of the yard by the streams and woods before the torrential downpour started, then started in the kitchen. We used an array of recorders, full spectrum video, K2 meters and infrared cameras. Jacqui is a gifted psychic medium and immediately picked up on the "large man" in the kitchen. The rain was so loud and the frogs and crickets after the rain that it was impossible to pick up any evps.

Everyone reported a lot of K2 action in each of the areas. Dana and Virgil photographed some very strange light anomalies in the back yard area (definitely not raindrops or lightning bugs). A common concurrence seemed to be a native american, a child, a female presence and a very large man. Also a lot of chest pain. (Original owner, a very large man, passed of a heart attack in the kitchen)